Our agency offers the following services:

Technical/material support

In a team effort, you and the patent attorney assess your invention for patentability. If it turns out that your invention is indeed an invention that can be patented, the attorney will draft a patent application that meets the formal and material demands. The attorney will also guide you through the prosecution of the application towards a granted patent. As patent attorney he will be representing you before the patent authorities.

Official filing of patent applications

If you have a patent application, our office can take care of the submission(s) in the countries you want your idea patented. This can be

  • an ”initial submission”,
  • global (national) submissions,
  • international (PCT) submissions,
  • national submissions resulting from a PCT application,
  • validating a European patent in designated European countries,
  • to submit itemized patent applications and more.

Costs are saved because many patents are submitted online to the European Patent Office.

Taking care of all formalities

In order to comply with all formal requirements of national laws, it may be necessary for inventors and/or applicants to complete and sign forms that occasionally require legalization by a civil-law notary and/or a consulate. In addition, other official documents are needed.  The formalities required vary by country. We can take care of all these formalities and make sure that they are properly and formally submitted to the appropriate patent office.

Due date administration

After  a patent application has been filed in a country, you will face various deadlines that are managed by our office. If you instruct us to keep track of all due dates in our patent data administration system, we will diligently keep you posted before the expiration date. We will then send you a clear summary per patent application and per country.

Maintenance fees

A separate chapter within the due date administration, are the so-called maintenance fees. For a description of this procedure, we refer to the tab ‘maintenance fees’ on this page. Click here if you want to visit the contact page immediately

Trademark registration

We collaborate with trademark agency Abcor in Leiden, The Netherlands, in the field of trademarks and designs. Click here if you want to visit this page directly