VanBuren Patent Management BV collaborates with several qualified European and Dutch Patent attorneys.

We even have a collaboration with a Danish patent attorney who has also authorization to present you before the Danish and Norwegian Patent Office. Two of these five Patent attorneys  introduce themselves hereunder.
With each of these patent attorneys we have different agreements in order to meet our clients wishes in the best way.
If you are an inventor or a foreign agent you can express a preference for a patent attorney you want to collaborate with.

Michiel Cramwinckel

Michiel Cramwinckel

Cramwinckel Consultancy

Over 20 years of experience as a Dutch and European Patent Attorney, first as in-house counsel at DSM and Royal Dutch Shell and 4 years associated with a UK patent firm.
Experienced in drafting, prosecution and opposition procedures before the European Patent Office in a wide variety of technical areas ranging from chemistry, chemical engineering, catalysis, petrochemistry, refinery, agricultural, energy, rotating equipment and mechanical engineering.

Signing fee at filing or entry European phase of a EP application via VanBuren
Patent Management : 200 euro Remaining case related work: 220 euro/hour


Mr. Lex van Wijk

Mr. Lex van Wijk

Mainstay IP

Mainstay IP is a firm of seasoned and experienced intellectual property professionals. Many of us have worked in industry for a significant period of time.

We are used to working within the boundaries of clients’ existing IP policies as well as assisting with the formulation of those policies. Within that framework we provide flexible, proactive and cost-effective services. Whatever the assignment we will work hard to achieve your goals within budget.


Mikkel Dalkiær

Mikkel Dalkiær

Mikkel Dalkiær is the founder of Dalkiær-IP and is European Patent Attorney, He can act directly before the European Patent Office; the Danish Patent Office and the Norwegian Patent Office. Mikkel has been working with IP in private practice since 2000.

Mikkel has graduated from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in 1999 with a Master Degree in Chemical engineering and specialized in biotechnology. In 2007 Mikkel became a European Patent Attorney (EPA) with a license to practice before the European Patent Office.

Before started working in the IP business Mikkel was working with the establishment of a startup company based on the production of active factors against cancer. Such factors are found in shark cartilage and are considered to have an anti-angiogenic activity which may result in inhibiting tumor development and assist in tumor degradation. This work resulted filing of a patent application WO 01/83707.

Mikkel has been working in private practice as a patent consultant since 2000 starting at Larsen & Birkeholm. From 2001 Mikkel worked as a patent consultant at Plougmann & Vingtoft and became later on Partner and Team Manager. Latest Mikkel has been Senior Partner and Head of Patents as well as Team Manager for the Life Science team in Zacco Denmark.

Within the IP-field Mikkel is specialized in the traditional IP-services of a patent attorney, such as searching, drafting, prosecution, oppositions and appeals patent applications and patents as well. Furthermore, he has developed expertise in business development, intelligence, freedom to operate analyses, patent evaluations, valuation, commercialization, licensing, strategic patent issues, due diligence analyses, infringement and invalidation actions.

Technically, Mikkel is specialized within the areas of biotechnology, chemistry, food and dairy science, food ingredients, functional foods and clean tech. Mikkel has experience in working with both multi-international and SME companies and companies with high IP-knowledge and companies with low IP-knowledge. Examples of companies Mikkel has been working for include Nestlé; Arla Foods; Cadbury (bought by Kraft Food in 2010 and since 2012 a subsidiary of Mondeléz International); Cargill; Omya Development; Nissui/Suntory; Mærsk Oil & Gas; Upfront Chromatography (downstream processing); Biogasol (bioethanol); and Riemann & Co (cosmetics).