Equipped with the latest state of the art technical systems and communications tools we offer all kinds of administrative patent and formal services. On this basis, we can play a significant role to:

  • The individual inventor who believes to have done a good invention, needs advice thereof, has little or no knowledge of all procedures and processes that are involved to obtain a patent, and who faces high costs. We can offer advice and information, and if required, can refer you to an experienced and officially registered patent attorney who will further review your idea from a professional perspective.
  • The existing patent offices that do not keep records, and no longer wish to deal with any official administrative and formal procedures. The patent attorneys who work for such a patent office are usually too busy to deal with these issues and are generally no experts on this subject. To set up an administration solely for this purpose, is often too expensive but, nevertheless, this work must be done and is of importance to obtain and maintain patents.
  • The existing patent offices and patent departments in the industry that already have an administration but because of a shortage of personnel are not able to handle all the work. These offices can (occasionally) outsource this work to our office. Nonetheless, we can structurally be of great advantage to these generally larger patent offices.
  • Universities (with its own technology transfer Department) can, via our Office, at highly competitive prices, have NL, EP and PCT patent applications filed and submit the entry into the national and regional phase after PCT and EP grant. The applications can be drawn up by well classified Patent Attorneys we cooperate with or by the well-known patent agents  with which the University is accustomed to work with.
  • Foreign patent agents who wish to file Dutch, European, Danish and Norwegian Patent applications for their clients.