Companies invest much to position themselves in the market. The company’s name, the logo, the trademarks of products, all are important identifiers for consumers. Signs that separate one company from another. But a trademark is more than just a distinguishing mark. It symbolizes the goodwill built up by the company and thus represents a large financial value for the company. Protect your goodwill therefore.
Trademark rights in most countries are not acquired by use of a sign but only by registration. The registration of a domain name or a trade mark gives no rights! Only registration of a sign as a trade mark shall confer these rights.
For successful expansion of activities, it is therefore wise (actually necessary) to request protection for the most important signs. Think not only of names, but also of: logos, slogans, special packaging, shapes of products, colors, smells, videos and all other identifiers that a company could use to position itself in the market. Only if these characters are registered as a trademark, can one invoke any rights in case of, for example, trademark infringement or to claim priority of new domain names.