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Al meer dan 25 jaar koppelen wij u aan deskundige octrooigemachtigden die uw intellectuele eigendom beschermen. Wij zorgen er voor dat u, en de octrooigemachtigde, nergens naar om hoeft te kijken, behalve datgeen waar u goed in bent. Dit doen wij door ondersteuning in het proces, en in de administratie.

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    Patent attorney

    If you do not want to have to worry about the formal and administrative processes of patents and their maintenance, but still want to remain in control, choose VanBuren Patent Management. We can do the following for you, your organization and/or your customer:

    • Officially filing patent applications (national and international)
    • Taking care of all formalities
    • Due Date administration
    • Invoice handling
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    If you want protection for your invention, also called Intellectual Property, then VanBuren Patent Management is the right place for you. We connect you to a specialist who will discuss your invention with you and assess whether it is new, inventive and industrially applicable. We can do the following for you:

    • Putting you in touch with the right specialist (patent attorney)
    • Officially submit your patent applications
    • Taking care of all administrative, formal and financial actions
    • Maintaining your patent
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    We have divided our services into three parts. Move your mouse over the images to discover what we do.

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      Patent Management – EN

      Patent Management – EN

      VanBuren Patent Management is an expert in the 'patent management' process. We take care of the entire administrative and formal handling from patent application to publication and validation.

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      Annuities – EN

      Annuities – EN

      The efficient management of the maintenance of your patents is in good hands with us. VanBuren Patent Management ensures the periodic renewal of your patents, so that your intellectual property remains continuously protected.

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      Trademarks – EN

      Trademarks – EN

      From application to registration, VanBuren Patent Management guides you through the trademark registration process. We ensure that your brand name and logo are legally protected, without worries.


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